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About Us

oDesk Certified Joomla 1.5 Developer
oDesk Certified Joomla Programmer
oDesk Certified CSS 2.0 Designer

DesignMonster.net is owned and operated by Paul Buchanan. Paul works from his home part-time as a freelance web developer.

Paul's corporate management and sales experience, combined with his MBA, provide a solid foundation for the technical side of their business. His experience with web design allows him to develop, design, troubleshoot and maintain websites for dozens of clients.

Pauls works at his regular job Monday-Friday and works in web development in the evenings and on weekends.

Technical Abilities

Paul has advanced knowledge of HTML, XHTML, CSS, Dreamweaver, Photoshop, Illustrator, PHP, Joomla, Wordpress, Linux and dozens of "little" programs that allow them to accomplish tasks that many web developers or website owners find daunting.


Paul uses a Windows 7 desktop PC and Windows Vista laptop. Additionally, his office includes an Ubuntu Linux machine running Apache web server with the latest PHP, mySQL, curl and other normal web server additions. This Linux machine allows faster website development, since the files can be accessed directly, making customization and troubleshooting much easier. Once a website is developed, he can deploy it to either their online website or to his lients site.

To round out the collection, he has a near-obsolete HP Pavilion laptop, running Windows XP, for the sole purpose of keeping Microsoft Internet Explorer 7 on it. This allows the full range of browser compatibility testing, without being reliant upon web screenshot sites.